About Strange Genetics

We take pride in our exotic cannabis seeds.

We use proper breeding techniques in an optimal indoor environment while hunting and collecting as well as pairing the highest grade phenos along with a lot of testing to ensure you are getting the best cannabis seeds on the market. All of our exotic strains are created with time, love and dedication to improving the cannabis world today. Curating some of the best cultivars on the market with no pollen chucking techniques, no open pollination in greenhouses and no outsourcing or renaming popular genetics on the market.

We are working on old classic genetics as well as the most popular genetics on the market today. Our main focus is to create dense, resin coated strains that also have a great deal of terpenes. Our overall goal is to create strains that are suited to make extracts from as well as provide quality that is not seen. We have noticed a demand for these hype genetics and have been testing everything on the market to verify stable, high quality strains

How did our name come about? 

When we were in the gardens we would always catch ourselves saying “strange” when we would see something that was out of the ordinary when it came to a plant variation or a strain produced more resin, terpenes, or just had a great structure compared to the rest.

We are always looking to improve our process by offering the most in demand genetics on the market, if you see something that you would like for us to create for you please shoot us an email at [email protected]

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