Best ways to breed cannabis

Cannabis growing is a fantastic job that tends to make more profits than an average crop. It is the best time pass for many individuals and keeps them busy in a money-making venture. Several people consider it inappropriate in the social context, but they are not aware of the potential benefits of cannabis strains regarding its effects and financial plus. Some people believe that growing cannabis is a hectic activity and requires dedication for a successful crop which is somehow correct. Still, modern growing techniques have made it easier for regular growers and beginners. 

The cannabis plant is sensitive to climate factors and requires a good amount of light, water, and air to grow exponentially. Growing in soil requires extra care in terms of plant requirements but growing in specifically designed grow materials is an easy job. Traditionally, cannabis was grown outdoors, but various modern growing techniques have increased the indoor cultivation of cannabis because it takes less effort, time, and care.

Moreover, new cultivation methods have made it easy to grow in a small area, minimizing the need for a large land piece. Modern climate control gadgets and lighting facilities have enabled cannabis growers to maintain temperatures, airflows, and light in grow areas. 

Here in this blog, you will learn three very best ways to breed cannabis for the upcoming season. 

  1. Outdoor Growing

Outdoor breeding was the only method of weed cultivation for thousands of years. Long before we came to know the magnificent effects of marijuana, it was still there being used just like all other plants. Then we learned about its psychoactive effects & now we are also familiar with the medical uses of cannabis. Marijuana’s two components of our interest, THC, and CBD made itself the center of all the research. Let’s learn the important landmark steps for the outdoor growing of cannabis. 

  1. Have the details of your climate
  2. Decide on your growing locations
  3. Choose the best strain as per your climate
  4. Make sure to choose the best soil
  5. Make effective use of fertilizer
  6. Adequate water will be a must for the life of your cannabis plants
  7. Marijuana will need you to protect itself

You will need to protect your plants from stray dogs, wild animals & also from the people around & security agencies if you live in a state where cannabis growing is not legal till now. 

  1. Indoor Growing

Like all planting, cannabis growing is an expertise that you learn over time. It is the first step that is most difficult to take. And that First step in growing marijuana is the decision to grow cannabis plants. After taking your brilliant decision to grow cannabis plants for yourself or even as a business, the 2nd step is to choose the right place. If are looking for the best ways to breed your future Cannabis growth, then this blog is for you. Following the guidelines which I will describe here, you will get the perfect outcome! A lot of buds, high in THC & CBD.

  1. Selection of the location for indoor cultivation
  2. Now select the strain that you want to grow!
  3. Buy & Germinate the Marijuana seeds
  4. Keep in mind the flowering time of your plant
  5. Clean your Indoor crop space
  6. Light-Tight area
  7. That is the must for you to Grow in Indoor
  • A safe place from unwanted visitors
  • Safe from animals attack
  • Regular Monitoring
  • Tightly air sealed place to avoid outdoor humidity
  • Temperature maintenance
  • Easy accessibility
  1. Light source Selection should be evidence-based

As you will be growing indoors, you will need an artificial light source & this source is going to be the most important in determining the outcome from your plants. You should know that for indoor cultivation, a big part of your budget will be going to spend on the purchase of light sources. Investing in the light source will have worth its cost in long-term growth. Here are the few best lighting systems.

  • Light Emitting Diodes
  • Induction Grow Lights
  • High-Intensity Discharge
  • Fluorescent Lights

Metal halide (MH) bulbs will be best during vegetative development. High-Weight Sodium (HPS) will be the best suited during the flowering stage of development of your cannabis plants. On the off chance that you can only bear the cost of one, pick HPS as they are more effective on a ‘watt-to-light’ delivered scale.

  1. Just like you, Marijuana plants do need fresh air!

So ventilation system will be required

  1. You can’t keep an eye on 24 hours!

You will have to use the gadgets to monitor your plants & their surrounding environment like humidity & temperature.

  1. Choosing a growth medium!

After choosing to grow indoors, you need to choose the growing medium as well. You can decide to grow the plants in the soil & you can opt for hydroponics. As a first-time grower, I would recommend you to choose the soil as a growing medium as it offers the advantage of being cheap, less expensive, easy to manipulate, and handle with fewer chances of making an error.

  • Soil
  • Hydroponic system
  1. Your Cannabis is ready to be harvested!

The final step of your long, tiresome journey of growing marijuana is harvesting your plants. The buds of a mature female cannabis plant have a mix-up of leaves with them. You can trim the buds by using scissors. Initially, this may seem tiresome & once you get used to it, you will enjoy it for sure. Most of us are interested in the buds that contain the most amount of THC that makes you high.

  1. Drying of the buds

After cutting, buds are hanged for about a week to dry. Dry your buds in a cool spot with little dampness. In a perfect world, this procedure is moderate and should take at least fourteen days. After two weeks, you can store the dried buds in a jar for future use.

  1. Hydroponics

Hydroponics is a practical indoor cannabis growing technique that does not require soil. The plants grown in hydroponics systems are provided with water solutions mixed with the desired amount of nutrients. You can now grow your cannabis plants using state of art five bucket DWC technique & gain maximum potential from your plants by trimming and training methods to adjust them in limited grow space. 

You can grow your cannabis plants with a good water supply and specially designed sophisticated systems specifically designed to control environmental factors, including airflow, light, and temperatures in the growing area.

Hydroponics systems are user-friendly and minimize the human efforts required in traditional cannabis cultivation methods. These modernized methods of cannabis growing are popular among growers because they are operated under controlled climatic conditions. 

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