Feminized Seeds

Female plants are repeatedly sprayed with colloidal silver to create feminized seeds. The solution promotes the formation of sacs with 99.99% feminized pollen. This “Clone exclusively” pollen is used by Strange Genetics to breed the best feminized seeds. Weed strains that are tightly held “Clone only” are handed from one person to the next, making them difficult to get. Strange Genetics allows you to acquire marijuana seeds online and produce these unique genetics at home by reversing these strains. Consider the source when looking for the best feminized cannabis seeds. Is the seed bank in the United States of America? Otherwise, your seeds could be fake or even feminized! Strange Genetics is a marijuana seed bank run by breeders in the United States.

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What Are Feminized Seeds?

Marijuana seeds that have been feminized produce only female plants. Cannabinoids including THC and CBD are abundant in female cannabis plants. As a result, female marijuana seeds are preferred by gardeners who want to enhance potency through bud output. We sell feminized seeds to make the growing process easier, but they come at a somewhat higher price. The increased prices are due to the sex reversal procedure, which involves repeated foliar spraying during breeding.

Feminized Vs Regular Seeds

Regular seeds produce 50% male weed plants and 50% female weed plants. There are no buds or cannabinoids produced by male marijuana plants. They have pollen and a strong urge to transmit it on to surrounding female plants so that seeds can be produced. You can avoid male plants fertilizing surrounding females by cultivating female cannabis seeds. Seedless cannabis, often known as “sinsemilla,” is quite popular. It’s a pleasure to crack open a jar of exquisite sinsemilla. There’s no greater satisfaction than knowing that you grew premium sinsemilla from seed. Cannabinoid levels are higher in seedless cannabis than in seeded cannabis. When a female plant is pollinated, her focus transfers from producing cannabinoid-rich blossoms to producing the healthiest offspring possible.

Why Choose Feminized Seeds

There are a few factors to consider while deciding between conventional and feminized cannabis seeds. Will you have enough time and room to pre-sex your cannabis plants before they enter flowering? When purchasing cannabis seeds, consider the size of your garden as well as the amount of time you’re ready to devote. It’s common for large cultivation operations to have trouble removing all males before it’s too late. Grow tents don’t have enough space to grow male plants that will be discarded. Also, think about how many plants you’re allowed to have. Many states limit the number of plants allowed per adult and household to six. You might not want to fill your quota with non-producing cannabis plants. In this instance, feminized cannabis seeds are the way to go.