Buttered Blueberries




Blueberry Thai X Buttered Rum


F1 “Buttered Rum”

Mom: F1 Chem D x Cookies-n-Chem

Dad: F2 Asclepius 

Lineage: (Chem D x Cookies-n-Chem) x [(Northern Lights x Skunk) x Witch Hunt OG]

The male phenotype we selected to be our stud for our Buttered Grapes cannabis strain was moderately branch, with tight internode spacing, and a very “skunk” smelling stem rub.


Blueberry Thai was created by DJ Short and is a cross between Purple Thai  and Afghani. All the best qualities gleaned from its ancestry, neatly packaged into a flavor-forward, well-balanced hybrid. The effects begin with a buzzy feeling in the head that quickly sets in. Blueberry Thai, often known as Blue Velvet, will have you moving quickly and with increased attention, allowing you to complete any activity with a smile on your face.

This mood-lifting strain, which is reportedly utilized by people with chronic fatigue, depression, and appetite loss, is supposed to provide much-needed respite and encourage an active (as opposed to a passive) experience. Despite having a slight caffeine content, blueberry Thai is also advised for mild aches and pains in the muscles.


The result of this genetic cross is a strain that combines the sweet and fruity flavors of blueberries with the smooth and creamy taste of buttered rum. The high is equally enjoyable, with a balanced blend of uplifting and relaxing effects that make it perfect for both daytime and evening use.


This unique cannabis strain created dense, medium-high yielding buds.


Very uplifting and great for pain management and depression.


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