Buttered Imperium




Imperium X x Buttered Rum

Father Strain

f1 “Buttered Rum”

Mom: f1 Chem D x Cookies-n-Chem

Dad: f2 Asclepius

Lineage: (Chem D x Cookies-n-Chem) x [(Northern Lights x Skunk) x Witch Hunt OG]

 The male phenotype we selected to be our stud for our Buttered Grapes cannabis strain was moderately branchy, with tight internode spacing, and a very “skunk” smelling stem rub.

Mother Strain





Buttered Rum is an incredibly loud, pungent strain with a cream-butter finish that packs a punch. The notes on the back end are of pungent grape.



Medium-high yielding dense plant.



This strain gives an uplifting mental high, while giving the user a relaxed, calming body effect. This THC-rich strain offers a strong mental high with a smooth physical body stone.



Welcome to the world of Strange Genetics! Introducing our newly created strain – “Buttered Imperium” – the perfect cross between “Buttered Rum” from BeeWell Genetics and “Imperium X” from Anesia Seeds.

The result of this powerful pairing is a mouth-watering combination of creamy butter and sweet grape with a heavy stone and strong buzz. Buttered Imperium is a strain that is sure to please both those looking for a social experience and those interested in medicinal relief


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