Buttered Mac & Jack


Buttered Mac n’ Jack is an explosion of intense lemon funk with some gassy Chem and spicy sandalwood scent notes coming from the influence of the chem heavy Buttered Rum father. Each dense, medium sized, lemon and sandalwood scented bud is covered with a sticky layer of trichomes that sparkle like diamonds. This strain has to be smelled and smoked to be believed.



Mac & Jack X Buttered Rum


f1 “Buttered Rum”

Mom: f1 Chem D x Cookies-n-Chem

Dad: f2 Asclepius

Lineage: (Chem D x Cookies-n-Chem) x [(Northern Lights x Skunk) x Witch Hunt OG]

 The “Buttered Rum” THC Strain is a result from collaborating with Vivid Genetics! After extensive pheno-hunting their crossing of ChemD x Cookies-&-Chem, the selection pool was then narrowed down. The resulting pheno chosen to move into the breeding project with our f2 “Asclepius” stud contained an intrusive and pungent aroma of baby poop soaked in gasoline, and had an impressive gland develoment allowing for an abundance of THC! The resulting progeny of “Butt Rum” provides a variety of phenos and profiles that smell of fruity baby poop disolved in gasoline! And not only is the aroma pungent, the trichome development is abundant and sparkly!


Mac n’ Jack R1


Flowering time: 9-11 weeks
Yield: She’s a monster!

 Total Cannabinoids: 25-30%

CBG: 2%

CBC: 1%

THCv: .3%

 Morphology: Insanely vigorous and can get out of control if not properly grown. She stacks fairly well for such a fast growing plant. I recommend sending her in to flower earlier than a typical plant. She’ll fill in nicely the first month of flower with strong vertical and lateral branching. Great plant for an intermediate or highly experienced grower. She does great outdoors, as well but needs the full season.


Terpenes: She’s got a sharp landrace lemon upfront with an incense, Pine and Sandalwood finish


Heavy Yielder!


It’s effects are intense, and clear headed with a pretty solid body high that puts you in a good headspace and leaves you ready for a day of relaxation and fun!


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