Regular Seeds

Regular Seeds

We’ve built a reputation for producing high-quality regular seeds. Strange Genetics’ studs have shown to produce exceptional medical marijuana that is crisp and tasty time and time again. Let’s say you’re looking for a dependable keeper strain, distinctive phenotypes, or to breed your cannabis strains. In such case, our standard strains are your best bet. We take pride in our marijuana strains and customer service as one of the most reputable seed banks in the United States. Start producing amazing Sativa, Indica, and hybrid strains in America by browsing our large variety of traditional types. By offering high-quality cannabis seeds, we hope to become your favorite cannabis seed bank online. Choose from a variety of strains, seeds, and flavors, as well as our discount choices for even more savings.

Regular Cannabis Seeds For Sale

Regular cannabis seeds are the way to go whether you’re seeking for a consistent keeper plant, pheno-hunting, or discovering something truly unusual. Growers, pheno-hunters, and breeders looking for new and intriguing dominant features have found our regular strains to be some of the greatest genetics available. You won’t be disappointed if you give them a try. Strange Genetics has specialized in the manufacture of normal cannabis seeds. When purchasing any of our strains, you can always feel secure. Every box we sell is the result of many years of experience, attention, and hard effort. All of our usual strains are available for purchase.

Are Regular Seeds Better Than Feminized?

Despite the fact that demand for conventional cannabis seeds has decreased in recent years, many growers still prefer them to autoflowering or feminized seeds. Regular seeds can produce novel phenotypes and cultivars not found in feminized or autoflower seeds. Regular seeds, according to many growers, yield plants that are more sexually stable than feminized seeds. Both sorts of seeds, however, will produce great plants if they have been carefully developed.

All items contain less than 0.00% THC. All seeds are considered NOVELTY seeds by law and strictly for souvenir, edible purposes, novelty and/or preservation/collecting purposes ONLY. Germination is strictly limited to countries, states or provinces in which it is legal to do so. Strange Genetics accepts no responsibility or liability for any use that does not comply with local, state and/or federal law. Strange Genetics reserves the right to terminate any purchase(s) and/or permanently ban anyone from using the site if made with the intensions other than the purposes previously stated. With all of the conflicting laws constantly changing, Strange Genetics is unable to answer any legal questions and/or make any legal determinations. It is the customer’s sole responsibility to be aware and stay familiar with the current laws in their country, state and/or city government. ALL SALES ARE FINAL