Hybrid Seeds

Hybrid strains are created by crossing Indica and sativa phenotypes which produce the desired medical effects. Creating hybrid genetics can intensify certain desired effects, flavors and design a unique cultivar that fits your needs perfectly. With Indica and sativa plants, creating a hybrid by breeding can also create a desired plant structure by taking a desired trait from one plant and crossing it to another resulting in the perfect structure.

Strange Genetics’ seeds offers a high quality selection of hybrid seeds to fit your needs whether you are looking for a great strain to focus at work or have a great night’s sleep.

All items contain less than 0.00% THC. All seeds are considered NOVELTY seeds by law and strictly for souvenir, edible purposes, novelty and/or preservation/collecting purposes ONLY. Germination is strictly limited to countries, states or provinces in which it is legal to do so. Strange Genetics accepts no responsibility or liability for any use that does not comply with local, state and/or federal law. Strange Genetics reserves the right to terminate any purchase(s) and/or permanently ban anyone from using the site if made with the intensions other than the purposes previously stated. With all of the conflicting laws constantly changing, Strange Genetics is unable to answer any legal questions and/or make any legal determinations. It is the customer’s sole responsibility to be aware and stay familiar with the current laws in their country, state and/or city government. ALL SALES ARE FINAL