What is Exotic Weed?

Weed enthusiasts all over the United States are confused regarding various terms, specifically exotic weed. Many sellers in the market are concentrating on confusing users by exaggerating the characteristics of the buds they are providing. Customers need to be well-informed regarding what they are purchasing and the quality of their strains. However, finding authentic information on the web regarding cannabis can be a tad tricky because of the amount of misinformation present. This clarity is what we come in to provide. 

Not only are we focusing on providing the best quality of product to our customers, but we also provide authentic and trustworthy information to our customers. If you are curious regarding the various exotic weed strains and what makes them special, we are here to clear out all confusion with this article, so keep reading!

What are exotic weed strains?

Exotic weed strains are generally defined as strains that are rare as they are being sold in a region where they do not indigenously grow. These strains are grown with care as the natural environment in where they grow does not coincide with the region in which they are being cultivated. 

Exotic strains have high demand in the market. Your household names like Blue Dream, Sour Diesel, and OG Kush do not qualify as exotic strains. Even though these strains are quite famous in the market, they do not have the same demand that exotic strains have. Because these strains are rare, they have a high demand. The origin, quality, genetics, and above all, exclusivity are some of the major tell-tale signs that make an exotic strain special. These strains are the equivalent of a designer fashion item or a Hermes shoe for weed enthusiasts all over the world and therefore have a unique exclusivity associated with them. 

What are the characteristics of Exotic Weed? 

The name “exotic weed” is pretty self-explanatory. These are the strains that are considered rare and special because of the associated effects that the strains have. However, a strain considered rare and unique in one geographical region may be common in another region. Therefore, it is important for customers to be aware of the various characters which make a specific strain exotic and rare. 

Following are some of the characteristics you need to look out for in order to recognize the exotic strains in the market. 

  1. Growing and manufacturing:

The growing and manufacturing of different strains is a major factor in whether or not your strain will be considered exotic. The characteristic slightly wet and cushiony nature of a high-quality bud is an amazing distinction between regular and exotic weed strains. These strains need to be cultivated with extreme care as they are growing in a nonnative region and therefore require proper growth factors to attain a high cannabinoid along with a great user experience. 

  1. Trichomes:

Trichomes are another feature of high-quality strains. The trichomes of exotic strains are noticeable as well as of a distinct appearance. These crystal-like trichomes are the hair-thin structures on your bud which contain the active cannabinoids on the bud and are responsible for the associated effects of the strain. Exotic strains are generally covered with unique trichomes all over the buds, and they shine like ice in the light. These are another characteristic feature of exotic strains which you will see in the market. Having a keen eye to detect high-quality buds by looking at the trichomes present on the buds helps customers distinguish the cream of the lot and get their hands on the best strains in the market. 

  1. Genetics:
  2. All exotic weed strains start with amazing and stellar genetic characteristics. Geneticists all over the U.S. are consulted in order to come up with genetics of a weed strain that will be able to withstand different growing conditions like indoor growth, outdoor growth, soil qualities, sun exposure, and growing mediums. Seed packs of superior genetics are able to withstand and grow through several different growing conditions, which make them superior while maintaining quality. Exotic weed strains need to have better genetics than your household strains as the genetics are instrumental in deciding the cannabinoid profile of the strain which you will be using. This factor, in turn, helps customers decide the kind of high they will be going for when purchasing a specific product. 
  3. Exclusivity and demand:

One of the major features of exotic strains is that they are not easy to cultivate. These strains have been designed by top geneticists all over the United States. Therefore, these strains are not easy to find. The exclusivity associated with exotic strains creates a demand in the market and makes these strains synonymous with curated products for Cannabis enthusiasts. The flavors of rare and exotic strains are expensive on the price spectrum as well due to their rarity and amazing cannabinoid profile. This rare nature of the strains is instrumental in catching the attention of the customers and therefore increasing demand. Cannabis fans are constantly on the lookout for new exotic strains entering the market in order to get their hands on the buds before they run out. 

  1. A catchy name:

Although this sounds superficial, catchy names make all the difference in the exotic strain market. The names of exotic strains are catchy and appealing in order to grasp the attention of the customers. Usually, the names of exotic strains are related to enticing food items. Your list of exotic strains tends to look like a dessert lover’s favorite menu items. Catchy names go a long way in appealing to customer preferences and helping them associate the flavor of the strain to something they are already familiar with. This not only helps users make purchasing choices but also makes the product range look enticing and appealing to new users. 

Purchase the best! 

There are several features of a high-quality seller of exotic strains. Strain genetics is providing its customers with high-quality exotic strains that have been carefully curated by geneticists in order to give you nothing short of the best exotic strains. In terms of customer service, quality, cannabinoid profile, and prices – we strive to attain a standard for our customers which will give you an amazing experience. 

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